Gokarna: An unexplored serene coast

Located on the Western coast of Karnataka, Gokarna is a small yet well connected pilgrimage place. Main attraction of the place includes historical temples and lovely beaches. Gokarna beaches are considered as one of the peaceful beaches in the country. Every year lakhs of tourists (of India and Outside India) visit Gokarna to feel and […]

koh rong_island

Koh Rong and the great Customer story!!!

To the south of the archipelago of Koh Dach meet these two large adjacent islands. In addition to the very similar names (which can create some confusion), they have other things in common. Both islands are quite extensive, with dense forests in the hinterland populated by an incredible variety of birds and other animals, including […]

goa (1)

Spooky Side of Goa You Never Knew Existed!

The mere mention of the word “Goa” infers parties and dusks on the shoreline and brilliant weekend markets. It is a vacationer’s haven for sure. But with the white sandy beaches, there also are some red blood stories. Who might have thought Goa, the prominent party destination could have startling spots as these where the […]